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September 5, 2014

ZIRX — an On-Demand Valet Parking Company You’re Going to Love


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Although an afterthought for most of us, parking is a pervasive part of any driver’s life and has become a huge challenge for many urbanites (like me). Even with “ride command” options and public transportation, there are times that you need to, or simply want to, drive your car somewhere. If so, prepare yourself for a grueling round of extreme urban parking—typically an aggravating and aggressive foray into a world where we leave common sense behind and hope for “good parking luck.” If you are blessed by the parking angels, you better have on your walking shoes because it will most likely be a hike to your destination. At this point—sweaty and late—you’re probably wishing you’d just ditched the car somewhere.

Such is the stress and drama of parking in a crowded city like San Francisco.

Demand for On-Demand is Growing!

In comes ZIRX, a practical, convenient, mobile-first — and most importantly — feasible sol...

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August 28, 2014

IFTTT helps you be amazing...one recipe at a time



Way back in the dark days of 2012, if you wanted to connect your various devices, apps, and services, you had two choices:  You waited for the company that made one of the services to offer a hard-coded integration to the other in the way you hoped it would work, (which, if it happened at all, it happened only for the most broad use cases), or you hired a programmer to try to create it for you—custom, assuming the APIs for the services were available and accessible in the way you hoped.  That’s all changed – now there’s IFTTT.

If you’ve not yet heard of IFTTT (short for “If This, Then That”), the investment we’re announcing today, it is a strong bet that you will. It’s a remarkable enabling technology that lets you transform your digital life from that of a confused bystander with too many “siloed” apps and services,  to a master of your per...

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August 14, 2014

Online Security: Lessons we can learn from the seat belt of the ‘60s


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Today, wearing a seat belt is second nature, but not too long ago there was a time when many cars didn’t have seatbelts and if they did, wearing them was viewed as optional. It took a generation — and lots of education — to convince car owners that the seatbelt is a vital component of vehicle safety. This shift in sentiment is exactly what’s needed to educate consumers and employees on information security best practices as we continue to witness a variety of large scale breaches like this month’s Russian crime ring theft of over 1.2 billion user name and password combinations.

As you may already know, the number of reported data breaches resulting from cyber attacks has reached an all-time high. We’re seeing more targeted incidents, new threat vectors, and more variation than ever before. The bad guys have upped their level of sophistication and they aren’t slowing down, ye...

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July 30, 2014

The Rise of the Omni-channel Retail Experience


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While several notable ecommerce companies are making  forays into the physical world – Bonobos, Warby Parker, and BaubleBar to name a few – there’s a lot of buzz around a new and exciting trend: the rise of the omni-channel retailer.

So what’s omni-channel retailing?

Today’s connected consumers will shop when and where it is most convenient for them — whether that’s while strolling through Nordstrom, surfing the Internet at 1am, at a Junior League fundraiser, or at a company store. They might use a tablet, smart phone, or computer to conduct research or complete their sale. In response, omni-channel retailing puts a concentration on providing a seamless, multi-channel shopping experience that reaches consumers wherever and however they choose to do their shopping.

IDC Retail Insights concurs that omni-channel shopping “requires providing an immersive and superior customer experience regardl...